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8 October
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Born in Winnipeg, I've lived here most of my life, except for almost two years in Seattle (September 1999 to June 2001). In those crucial years I learned about polyamory and veganism, and although I don't officially practice either of those now (not being in any relationship, and eating animal products again) I'm now deeper than ever into activism for justice. I'm particularly concerned about human rights abuses in the name of psychiatric "help", the enclosure of the commons, the relationship between repression and oppression, nutrition and alternative health approaches, and the relationship between the group, state and individual. Eastern philosophy appeals to me, but I'm no more than a dilettante in that area. I want to get stronger and healthier so I can grow my own food and build my own house (with others) one day. I have an idiosyncratic attachment to the writings of Morris Berman, whose name most people have never heard, and whose books don't seem to spark the same connections in my friends as they have in me.